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Buy Now MK Diamond 151991 MK-101 1-1/2-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw

MK Diamond 151991 MK-101 1-1/2-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Product Description
MK Diamond 153243 -101 Pro-24 Tile SawThe MK-101 and 101 Pro have two-position motor posts and two-position cutting heads. MK-101 Pro24 has a three-position motor post and a two-position cutting head.Variable height cutting head.MK-101 Series Features:•Made in the USA•Fully enclosed high torque, fan-cooled motor•Permanently lubricated, dual-sealed, heavy-duty blade shaft bearings•Multi-position motor post and cutting head for convenient cutting of various tile sizes•Built-in water distribution system supplies water to both sides of blade•Variable height cutting head allows for plunge cuts and use of blades smaller than 10" in diameter•Accommodates 6" and 8" profile wheels•Micro V-belt drive•Blade shaft lock for easy blade removal•Linear-bearing and chrome plated guide-bar assembly ensure precise cutting•Cast aluminum blade guard and motor post•One-piece reinforced zinc-plated steel frame•One-year limited warranty Model  MK-1011MK-101 Pro  MK-101 Pro24   Motor*115V / 60Hz115V / 60Hz  115V / 60Hz   Horsepower1-1/22 hp2 hp Blade RPM3,4503,4503,450 Blade Capacity10" (254mm)10" (254mm)10" (254mm) Arbor Size5/8" (16mm)5/8" (16mm)5/8" (16mm) Depth of Cut (10" Blade)3-3/4" (96mm)3-3/4" (96mm)3-3/4" (96mm) Length of Cut20"20"24" Diagonally Cuts14" Tile14" Tile18" Tile Weight92 lbs. (42 kgs)109 lbs. (49 kgs)130 lbs. (59 kgs) LxWxH (inches)36" x 22" x 23"36" x 22" x 23"41" x 22" x 23" LxWxH (mm)914 x 559 x 584914 x 559 x 5841,041 x 559 x 584 Shipping MethodUPS / Fed-ExTruckTruck Part #151991155747153243 1CSA Approved.  *Motor availa

  • Engineered for versatility, durability and precision cutting of tile and marble
  • 2-position cutting head for operator convenience in cutting various sizes
  • Linear guide bar provides precise cutting
  • 1-piece reinforced zinc-plated steel frame with carrying handles
  • Includes premium tile blade and water pump

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Great saw, great customer service
I recently bought a used MK101... It's a fantastic saw. I've been cutting limestone, ceramic tile, even a brick or two just to see how it handles it, and everything comes out great. I bought a bullnose roundover blade and have just finished installing 65 feet of limestone bullnose I cut and then shaped on the saw.

When I first got the saw I had some alignment problems, clearly the former owner hadn't touched it for years. I went to their website and used the chat feature to send a message (the chat isn't manned on weekends.. but I figured I would get an answer on Monday.) Much to my surprise I got an email an hour later from a vice president at MK Diamond who must have been replying from his Blackberry. We sorted out the problems in a sequence of emails.

MK 151991 MK-101 1.5 Horsepower 10" Tile Saw
This saw is awesome. I used this to tile a marble fireplace and it worked flawlessly. It cut the marble like butter. I also used this saw to cut some slate and that came out nicely as well. The saw is sturdy and the motor is powerful. I also saved money buying it from amazon. also, the service at amazon is excellent they handled everything quickly.

The motor is perhaps made in the USA and everything else is made in china
I bought the 151991 MK-101 1.5 Horsepower 10" Tile Saw and when I opened the box, right away I recognized the poor quality of the support components, guide bar and cutting guide. The markings on the cutting guide are not precise and looks like someone slap paint and make random markings on it. The cutting guide looks the same like the Mk 370 "made in china" that I returned recently. I did not want to spend time assemble the saw because it reminded me of the bad experience I had with the MK 370. Waist of my time and now I have to go return it. Now that I'm certain, I will not buy another MK product again. It's not made in the U.S.A. and I'm hoping the MK guys are proud of what they are doing.

Great cut, pray it holds together!
I bought an MK101 and 2 blades. Cuts granite tiles nicely. I was very pleased! For a few hours... After making several cuts to get acquainted, I tried changing blades. Blade changes are not easy and they are even tougher when the blade lock pin jams, breaks, and then pops out. The blade lock mechanism is cheaply made. I found the customer service terrible and helpless. I cannot find a service center in San Diego county. The company itself has given be several numbers, and everyone I call replys that they do not service MK Diamond. I am sorry I bought this saw and will not buy another MK Diamond product. This is terrible quality and service for an $800 saw.

it takes care of me...............
i have been laying tile coutertops,shower wraps, and floors now for about 8 years... and the mk is the best saw on the market... istead of me taking care of it...... it takes care of me... no job is too big...... and this mk delivers just what a major contractor needs to get the job done.....and the job done right.

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